• Once Upon A Time...

    Once upon a time, not long ago, there was a pup named Ace who’s collar was anything but poppin’. In fact, it was straight droopin’. This was because his poor little bow tie was held on by only velcro! Not to mention it was itchier than fleas! Ace’s mom searched high and low for the best bow ties and turns out, almost ALL the bow ties were droopin’.

    Ace’s mom thought for a minute and remembered what she learned from her Grandma Audrey about sewing and guess what happened next?

    With a little elastic, interface, and fabric for the perfect occasion, Aud + Ace was born! That’s right, Ace was officially able to “pop” his collar and hang with the dapper dogs and coolest cats in town.

  • Meet Ace's Mom!

    Hi! Emily here! Creator, visionary, optimist, ice cream lover, and most importantly, dog mom! I started this journey as a simple project to better the swag and lifestyle of my pup, Ace and his doggo pals. But once I got my hands dirty, I couldn’t stop! I quickly realized my love for creating, and as the lifestyles of my loved ones grew, I knew I had to expand my creative skills far beyond the stylish swag of our fur babies! I’m here to provide you with all your fabric dreams, whether it be the coolest dog bow or bandana, to the cutest baby outfits, to the most perfect custom item that meets your unique ideas and style. If it’s adorable and wearable, Aud + Ace can create it!